Computer Science Student Coaches Colleagues In Business, Web Development

Kristin James | NSM

“Nicole Grinsell’s green hair, multiple ear piercings and single word T-shirts aren’t the only things setting her apart from the crowd. As a web designer, businesswoman and part-time UCF student, she’s been turning heads for a few years.

Aside from her computer science major and digital media and mathematics minors, the 23-year-old is a venture coach and business owner.

At Blackstone LaunchPad, which runs through the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, venture coaches work with students at various stages in the progress of their business endeavors. Through one-on-one sessions up to 45 minutes long, students can receive advising and general support through specialized coaching. Grinsell specializes in technology and small-scale production of physical goods, drawing experience from her Etsy shop.

Her original plan for Etsy was to sell packs of tiny origami stars with motivational blurbs inside, but after realizing how time consuming the process was, she conceptualized more efficient products.

When a friend offered to sell Grinsell a button press for cheap, she chose the button business. Her shop, XplicitXpression, sells themed packages of 1-inch pinback buttons. But Grinsell was working with Blackstone LaunchPad long before…”

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