The Dev Blog

Or the project blog rather.  First documented project!  Welcome welcome!  As I branch out and begin new programming adventures I will document my progress here!  I hope this will help me, and perhaps other, grow as developers.

Pixel Art and Dungeons

Pixel art always holds a soft spot in my heart.  I love how it looks and I’m excited to start my journey into it.  Dungeons are probably one of my favorite aspects of rpg type games.  I’m using Legend of Zelda as a base for the overall concept.  Several rooms, few puzzles, and hidden treasures.  Overall, at least for right now I’ll be leaving out combat.  I’m not aiming for a long game, just something to get my feet wet.

The Resources

Resources are important in any development project!  And here’s where I want to give credit.  I am creating some of  the art but no where close to all of it.  I’m utilizing some free resources so I can get to the development stages faster.  Credit below!

Engine: Unity

Image Asset: Rogue Dungeon Tileset by fongoose

Image Asset: Dungeon Tileset by 0x72

The Concept

The end goal will be revealed when development in complete.  But I will divulge the general story.

Center around the Lord of the Rings story.  Gandalf must enter the volcano to retrieve the ring.  The lava has not destroyed it but rather compressed and hidden it’s power.  To ensure it is safe from any malicious forces, he must venture to find the ring and bring it to a safer place.


There’s not plans to monetize this, it’s literally a hobby project but check back below for the GitHub so you can follow my progress!

Wish me lucky everyone!