If you've got questions, I've got answers!

General Questions

Quotes and Pricing

How Much do Your Services Cost?

I know it is useful to have numbers to compare a budget to, but because there are so many options and everyone is so unique it’s hard to pin down a decent estimation.  Everything is catered and customized on a project by project basis.  Items and features can be added or removed based on your budget.

You can request a quote here and I’ll provide detailed numbers for cost and time based on your needs.

What if the Quote Amount Changes?

Definitely a valid concern!  I have put policies in place to try and handle that situation.  Sometimes things come up!

As I progress through the project and we find that additional work may need to be done in some areas, I will let you know before engaging in that work.  If I come within an agreed upon threshold to the quote price, I will notify you and we can discuss further options.

How do Your Quotes Work?

Request a quote by going here.

From there, choose the service you would like to be quoted for and fill out the form.  It is a tad long but that is only so I can prepare the best estimation for you.

That will be sent to me and I will email you with an estimated quote delivery date or I may need to request additional information from you if needed before that process happens.

I’ll deliver a quote for the cost of the project as well as a projected timeline and we can move forward from there!

Do You Offer Discounts?

At the moment, I offer only one.  That is a student discount, 10% project price reduction.  If you are a student with a valid student ID you apply!

How Does Payment Work?

For most projects, based on the quote and the standard payment schedule I use, 25% – 50% will be required up front.  The remaining due at completion when the deliverables are fully met.

We can discuss other payment schedules and options if needed.

Payment can be made through the client portal.  If you prefer not to engage in the portal, you’ll receive an invoice through email with instructions on how to pay.

Is There a Penalty for Late Payments?

Yes, to ensure timely payment, a percent increase will be applied to the next invoice and services will stop until the outstanding balance is paid.  However, if you know you will have issues meeting a set deadline, please reach out, I’m always willing to work with you.

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Service Terms

Am I Required to Give You Credit?

Yes and no.

What that means is that in the traditional agreement you agree to put a small line of visible credit somewhere and allow me to present your project in my portfolio.

If that is something you would rather not have, that option is available as well.  However, it will mark a price increase in the project.

Can I Redistribute Your Work?

Unfortunately no.  You may not sell or otherwise redistribute the work I’ve done for you.

Can I Make Edits to Your Work?

Within reason, yes.  And that can be discussed further within the project contract.  In general, you may make small changes such that the original design is not lost and you do not pass the now slightly altered design as your own.

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Primary Services

Web Development

What Technologies Are Used?

It all depends on you and your needs. I can go over each possible option based on budget and your timeline.

As a quick list we can engage in builder platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc.

We can also discuss CMS platforms like WordPress.

And finally, of course, completely customized options are available through industry current technologies. My favorite being React at the moment <3

What Types of Sites do you Make?

For the most part I develop for individuals and small businesses.

That includes resumes, portfolios, blogs, small – mid sized online stores, landing pages, and informational sites.

These are the most common, feel free to reach out even if you don’t fall into this list.

How is Hosting Handled?

If applicable, a development instance of the site may be made available through myself before going live with production hosting.

At that time, I will provide different providers and their prices along with my recommendation.  Ultimately the client will choose what is best while considering their budget and preferred payment schedule.

All payment will be in the client’s name and they will be responsible for on time payment for the hosting service.

How Long Does Development Take?

Ahh one of my most popular questions.  And I’m sure you will expect this type of answer: It all depends on the project!

That being said, many of my clients approach me wanting WordPress sites or small landing type pages using a site builder platform.  With that in mind, I can take an average of about 2 weeks, assuming all content is ready, and minimal customization is needed on whatever design we land on.

Feel free to request a quote here.

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App Development

Application Development requests are currently closed.

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What's the General Process?

I’ll always start with getting a feel for what you want to be portrayed through the design for your site, project, or business!  Next we’ll take a look at other designs you like and begin plans for a color a pallet, fonts, and a gray scale website mockup.  Once colors and fonts are chosen we can begin the core design process.

What Will I Receive?

At a minimum you’ll receive all design text documents as well as high quality image files for the designs we ended up settling on.  Source files can be arranged if needed.

Do I get Revisions?

Of course!  You’re guaranteed at least two, but we can arrange additional ones if needed.

How Long Will the Process Take?

That will vary heavily based on project and what services you end up needing.  Planning itself can take about a week to ensure we have the correct direction for your designs.  Website mockups average about 2.5 weeks before revisions.  Business card design averages about 1 week before revisions.  And logo design averages about 1.5 weeks before revisions.

Feel free to request a quote here.

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Included Services

Client Portal

What is the Client Portal?

Every new client will receive an account for my client portal.  It is a central location to share information, manage/view progress, and pay invoices.  It’s not required to use the portal but may prove helpful to stay as up to date as possible with the project at hand.

Can One of my Employees Have Access?

Of course!  If they are directly linked to the project and its management I’d recommend they also have an account.

What if I'm Having Issues with the Portal?

While we can message within the platform, I’m always available through email.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or problems.

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Support Services


Why Isn't Maintenance Included in my Main Project?

Maintenance is a whole separate arrangement.  It will hold its own requirements and price point.  If you know off the bat that you would like a maintenance plan, everything can be set up before the project is completed.

Do you Provide Maintenance for Projects you Didn't Create?

Yes!  The only footnote to that is if I examine the project and find it may not be the best fit for me, I may decline.

Do I Need a Maintenance Plan?

It’s possible!  It simply depends on your situation.  If you have had a project developed for you, ask yourself:

  • Do I want to make updates and edits to the project on my own?
  • Do I want someone else to make updates and edit to the project?

If you have a dynamic project (blog, store, etc) that will need continuous content editing/updating and you find yourself busy with other aspects of your business/project, a monthly maintenance plan may suit your needs!

What Does a Maintenance Plan Include?

At the lowest level it is a monthly plan with an agreement to do a specific amount of edits or updates for your site.  This may include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Product Updates
  • Blog Updates
  • Event Updates
  • Website Layout Updates
  • Website Analytics Delivery

In short, you send all the needed information, and I’ll take care of editing, updating, and formatting it onto your project!

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What is Training Given for?

The most common reason is the client wants to be the individual to make updates and changes to the site but they may not be very familiar with the platform used.  Training provides different materials to ensure they feel comfortable using the technology.

How is Training Delivered?

Training can be delivered in multiple ways and it’s completely up to the client for what works best for them.

Manuals, guided videos, or live video training sessions can be provided.

Can you Train on Technology Outside what you Delivered?

Yes!  Acceptance will be on a case by case basis, but feel free to reach out here!

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What are Consultations?

If you have a bug, a design change, or something similar, you can reach out to me for a one time fix/correction or feedback on how to complete the change you need.

These are accepted on a case by case basis as I need to be confident what you need falls into my wheel house so I can provide you with success!

Do you Implement your Solutions?

I can if  you need me to!  Or if you have a technical team, you can pass my information to them and they can make any necessary changes.

Does the Price Change from Diagnosing to Implementation?

Yes, implementing the actual change requires more time and effort than simply diagnosing the issue.

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