General Information

Nicole Grinsell |

904.806.8758 | Sanford, FL

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[Computer Science]

[Digital Media]


University of Central Florida (2012 - Present) | Part-time Enrollment
BS Computer Science Minor in Digital Media - Web Design Track Minor in Mathematics

[Front End Web Dev]

[Android Dev]

Udacity (2017 - 2018)

Front-End Developer Nanodegree

Android Developer Nanodegree



[Software Developer]

Software Developer for AceApplications (08/2015 - Present)

Website Creation and Updates

Project Management

Educational Material Design and Creation (tutorial videos and manuals)

Training Facilitator

Software Updates

General Software/Website Troubleshooting Skills

Client Management and Customer Service

Blackstone LaunchPad

[Venture Coach]

Venture Coach for Blackstone LaunchPad (08/2015 - Present)

Coach students through their startup business ideas

Specializing in ideation to prototyping, technology related ventures

Educate students on Lean Startup Methodology

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Software Developer Intern for AceApplications (01/2015 - 08/2015)

Software developer intern position that required strong communication skills and self guidance with tasks.  Assisted other developers in their project including front and back end work.  Also given opportunity to lead smaller projects.


[Credit Union Teller]

Teller for Vystar Credit Union (05/2010 - 05/2012)

As part of Bartram Trail High School's business academy program, an opportunity was presented that would hire 7 students within the academy to further their professional skills through employment with a local credit union located within the school itself and the community.


General Skills

Microsoft Office Suite

Windows OS

Mac OS

Known Software

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere


Camtasia Studio




Microsoft Share Point



Visual Studio

SQL Server 2014 Management Studio

AceApplications Award for Customer Service







Familiar with C#

Familiar with JQuery

Familiar with PHP

Familiar with Python

Familiar with SQL/mySQL

Web Related
AceApplications Award for Teamwork


Child Themes

Divi Theme

Google Analytics


Site Origin Page Builder




Wordpress (org/com)


Android Nanodegree


AT&T Aspire Follow Up Scholarship
 Android Developer Nanodegree Program (03/ 2018 - present)
If part of the first 100 individuals to complete the first Aspire AT&T scholarship, a second follow up scholarship, of your choice, was awarded.  I selected the Android Developer Nanodegree co-created by Google, valued at $1,200. [view details]
Front End Nanodgeree


AT&T Aspire Scholarship:
Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree Program (06/2017 - 02/2017)
Made possible by AT&T Aspire. Online course valued at approximately $1,200.  Curriculum curated around advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript applications.  Co-created by AT&T, Google, GitHub, and Hack Reactor. [view details]
Customer Service


AceApplications Award for Customer Service (2016)

Presented at the AceApplications 15 year anniversary celebration.

Given for providing quality, prompt, and professional support to all clients within my established projects.



AceApplications Award for Customer Service (2016)

Presented at the AceApplications 15 year anniversary celebration.

Given for being a part of the team that ensured the success of one of our most difficult projects that year.


Collegiate Pathways (Tech Sassy Girlz)

TSG is the primary organization I dedicate my time to. Their mission is to bring STEM to underrepresented girls in middle and high school, based currently in Orlando FL.

Most events I attend are unpaid and as a volunteer. However, for events that require large amounts of preparation or time commitments, I’m often compensated for my efforts.

I also maintain their website.

Popular Events

Annual Conference


Tech Sassy Girlz Annual Conference

Years of Participation: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Summary: The annual TSG conference is a gathering of middle and high school girls over about 4 - 5 hours, moving through various workshops and speakers to not only learn more about STEM subject and careers but get hands on experience as well.


  • Manage registration
  • Conduct college tour if needed at UCF
  • Oversee any technical tours / workshops where safety may be a concern
  • Ensure each workshop has needed materials
  • Assist with any presentation technical difficulties


Tech Sassy Girlz Hackaton

Years of Participation: 2015, 2016, 2017

Summary: Every year a condensed version of a Hackathon is held for middle and high school girls.  They are given the choice to make a website (using Wix) or a program (using Scratch) to solve a problem in their community.  At the end they will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges.


  • Lead instructor
  • Provide introductions to technologies used
  • Troubleshoot any issues, answer questions from students
Summer Camp


Tech Sassy Girlz Yes! Girlz Code Summer Camp

Years of Participation: 2015, 2016, 2017

Summary: Every summer the Yes! Girlz Code summer camp is held for middle and high school girls.  This camp consists of a week of instruction, 7-8 hours daily.  In 4 days, the students have a fully functional and personalized project.  Day 5 consists of a presentation to their parents; everything they've learned, their struggles, and what they enjoyed most.

Projects Created:

  • Trivia Game - Processing
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Game - HTML/CSS/JS
  • Personality Quiz - HTML/CSS/JS


  • Lead instructor
  • Create all curriculum and supporting materials
  • Trouble shoot and help students
TSG Code

[After School]

TSG Code After School Club

Years of Participation: 2015, 2017, 2018

Summary: In 2015, Tech Sassy Girlz created an after school program for middle school girls to become more familiar with Scratch to advanced their interest and skills in programming.

In 2017, this program spread to 4 new schools and continues currently.

2015 Duties:

  • Lead instructor
  • Create all curriculum and supporting materials
  • Trouble shoot and help students

2017 - 2018 Duties:

  • Create 64 hours of instruction that can be used across all schools, present and future
    • Includes 5 different projects
    • Spans the whole school year
  • Assist instructors that need help organizing their school instruction
Mommy & Me Code


Mommy & Me: Intro to Code

Years of Participation: 2016

Summary: An occasionally held workshop that allows mothers and daughters to learn coding together in one afternoon.


  • Lead instructor
  • Create all curriculum and supporting materials
  • Trouble shoot and help family teams
Code the Road


Code the Road with Google

Year of Participation: 2015

Summary: A workshop facilitated with Google and Disney.  The girls were transported to Epcot where they were introduced to coding basics with Google and met various Disney engineers to get a better understanding how the park's technology works.


  • Chaperone students
  • Answer any questions the students have
College Prep


Tech Sassy Girlz College Prep Day

Year of Participation: 2014

Summary: Middle and high school girls toured UCF to educate them on STEM subjects and how college can facilitate that learning process.


  • Lead students and parents around campus
  • Address any specific questions
Tea & 'Bytes'


Annual Tea & 'Bytes' Fundraiser

Years of Participation: 2015, 2016, 2018

Summary: Every year, Tech Sassy Girlz holds a fundraiser to help further the efforts of the program.  Breakfast is provided and various speakers give their stories.


  • Set up event decorations
  • Handle registration
  • Sell raffle tickets
Otronicon Booth


Tech Sassy Girlz Booth at Otronicon

Years of Participation: 2016, 2017, 2018

Summary: Every year, Tech Sassy Girlz secures a booth at Otronicon.  A convention in Orlando that presents technology and gaming related companies.


  • Set up booth
  • Man booth during shifts
  • Explain organization and give out promotional items


Tech Sassy Girlz Booth at I/ITSEC

Year of Participation: 2015

Summary: Collegiate Pathways secured a booth the I/ITSEC convention in Orlando.  I/ITSEC consists of a wide variety of booths, speakers, and workshops based around technology, security, and modeling concepts.


  • Set up booth
  • Man booth during shifts
  • Explain organization and give out promotional items