Elementary School

My interest in technology was in a way, given to me.  I didn’t discover in on my own but rather had a lucky chance to participate in an experimental laptop program in first grade (Aug 2000).  My whole class was given blue Apple clam shell laptops and told to treat them as if they were a baby: gentle and caring.  This program lasted through third grade.  Within the time we were exposed to word processors, SiteCentral (web design application), and HyperStudio (slide and animation application).  After the program was over, my parents were generous enough to purchase me my own Apple laptop (now white) so I could continue with the technology I found I loved.

Middle School

As I entered middle school I discovered HTML and CSS through an online pet game (Neopets).  It allows for the customization of profile, shop, guild, etc layouts using these languages.  I quickly became disappointed using other people’s designs and code and wanted to create my own.  And I did.  I taught myself HTML, CSS, and web hosting.  I even had an experimental graphic design website by grade eight.

High School

In high school I found a desire to try compiled languages.  So in my senior year I enrolled in Florida Virtual school and took AP Computer Science.  Due to course load and outside factors, I only finished half the course but received a normal course credit (verses AP).  That class taught me Java and I loved it.  I decided on Computer Science as my major with a minor in Digital Media to settle my web design aspirations.


Once in college they let me know a mathematics minor was only about two or three more classes, so I tacked that minor on too.  Around my junior year I picked up two jobs (Software Engineer and Venture Coach) and began to attend school part-time.  Things are still this way currently but I found school was good for organizing and exposing students to topics but something not very useful in showing applications.

That’s why I decided to engage in freelance opportunities whenever they come along.  To hopefully be exposed to new things and their purpose thereof as well as solidify any skills I’ve learned in my studies or at work.

I learn what I can, where I can, as often as I can.  Opportunities don’t come to you on the couch.