Invited to Squarespace Circle
After contributing to 3 Squarespace sites, I was invited to join a community of developers and creators.
Nanodegree Complete
On March 11, 2018 the Front-End Developer Nanodegree was completed
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About Me

My interest in technology was in a way, given to me.  I didn’t discover in on my own but rather had a lucky chance to participate in an experimental laptop program in first grade (Aug 2000).  My whole class was given blue Apple clam shell laptops and told to treat them as if they were a baby: gentle and caring.  This program lasted through third grade.  Within the time we were exposed to word processors, web design, and a lesser form of PowerPoint.  After the program was over, my parents were generous enough to purchase me my own Apple laptop (now white) so I could continue with the technology I found I loved.

As I entered middle school I discovered HTML and CSS through…[read more]

UCF Student

I am currently a student in UCF majoring in Computer Science while also minoring in Digital Media and Mathematics.

I greatly enjoy combining creativity and technology and that eventually led to the pursuit of my digital media minor, which is now complete. The front end and back end design are equally as exciting to me.

I love seeing my logic and coding come to life through a memorable user experience.

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Software Developer

Since working for AceApplication since August 2015 I’ve be able to be a part of a team while being exposed to different technologies and methodologies used within the IT and Software sector of the professional world.

At Ace we focus mainly on web based solutions for individuals as well as businesses.  I’ve created CMS websites as well as assisted on troubleshooting existing record management systems.

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Venture Coach

Through a happy coincidence, a mobile app design workshop paved the way for a connection with the UCF LaunchPad’s director.  Upon learning my major and my interest and entrepreneurship the job was offered to me and I accepted.

I’m now able to meet with UCF students (free of cost to them) and talk through their startup ideas and help them in the right direction.  My job isn’t to tell a student whether an idea is good or bad.  It is to facilitate feasibility analysis and provide the student with tools to make choices about their venture based on what they find out about their target market, available resources, as well as other factors.

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Women in STEM

Getting more women in STEM is a mission very close to my heart.  I was lucky enough to find a non-profit organization who’s mission is to bring STEM to underrepresented middle and high school girls.

Since my first volunteer experience with the organization in 2014, I’ve been accepted into their family with open arms.  I now teach their yearly summer day camp(s), manage their website and event invitations, as well as representing them at different conventions, among other honors.

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Xplicit Xpression

My entrepreneurial venture (besides my freelance) is Xplicit Xpression.  A currently small Etsy store that emphasizes self-expression and self-discovery.

We currently offer 1″ buttons to aid in self-expression and affirmation origami stars to aid in self-discovery.

My hopes is to gain enough traction that I can move the store to its own eCommerce site and continue to grow our product line (stained glass is hopefully next)!

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“After reviewing thousands of applications for the AT&T Aspire to Tech Scholarship program, we came away highly impressed with your skillset and motivation to learn. We’re happy to inform you that you’ve been awarded a full scholarship funded by AT&T to the Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree program. Congratulations!”


That was the first paragraph of my acceptance notification for a font-end web developer course valued at $1,200.

I was so excited to get this opportunity!

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